Open Talon Press

Open Talon Press is nearing its first full year of activity. The press focuses on books with topics that push the boundaries of what modern writing is perceived to be. Open Talon Press publications are pertinent, informative, entertaining, and are released in ebook and print.

Early in 2017 VENT was published in both ebook and paper. VENT is an adult reader participation book where the reader answers questions and has a space to write their opinion. In September an off the wall writing book (GRAMMAR NAZIs ARE NOT ALWAYs RITE, RIGHT, WRITE) was released.

Both VENT and GRAMMAR NAZIs ARE NOT ALWAYs RITE, RIGHT, WRITE RECEIVED A GREAT REVIEW FROM Midwest Book Review and found homes in many independent bookstores as well as scattered Barnes and Nobles around the country.

The second VENT novel (VENT REVISITED) is in the editing stage.
A book of short stories is in the development stage.

Open Talon Press titles are available from Ingram at industry rates and are returnable. Ebooks are availabe through major ebook sites.

Our writers love to do events and book signings and we will supply posters and print and online media advertising. Individuals wishing signed copies can contact me through the contact page or email. Reading Groups wishing to buy titles can also contact Open Talon Press for special rates.