How Bridge McCoy Learned to Say I Love You

howbridgemccoyHow Bridge McCoy Learned to Say I Love You

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“…Swisher has mixed the mundane, the surreal and the plain odd into a moving story…” Maria

An off center love story about a man who walks two steps forward and one backward, hates change, and after his wife leaves him because he is a lousy writer and will never be able to buy her gold and diamonds, moves to Lost City, an obscure art town, and opens a gallery called WHY AM I HERE, vowing he will never fall in love again.

But, as life goes, he tumbles head over heels for Vivian, owner of a coffee house named the WAKE UP OR DIE, but when he tries to tell her I love you all he can stammer is, “I, I, I, Lo, Lo, Lo,” and he starts choking like there is a meatball stuck in his throat.

A zany look at modern life with a cast of not so normal characters – a blind painter, a lady that believes there is a rock of rocks that will enlighten mankind, people that are paranoid because there is only six billion years until the sun devours the earth, two hundred dogs that are tired of organic dog treats, a woman that is so happy bubbles trail behind her, a man with sixteen girlfriends, and many many more.

A love story that will leave you with a smile and a warm feeling in your heart and shaking your head saying, “I have never read a novel like this one.”