new book
new book
Vent: The First Ever Fill in the Blank Reader Participation Book

Open Talon Press, available on eBook & print


“…only Swisher can take a blustery, cantankerous character and make him like-able…he pokes fun at everybody…with a blend of truth and sarcasm that is not only hilariously entertaining but relevant in today’s overly politically correct world. Vent reminds us there are two sides to every story, and what you see is not always what you get…”
Ginger Myrick: Author of The Welsh Healer and Work of Art

VENT, besides being both hilarious and serious, is groundbreaking as it is the first ever fill in the blank reader participation book. VENT gives you the unique opportunity to vent your frustrations in the privacy of your own home without fear of being interrupted by some loudmouth idiot that does not believe the same way you do. Within the story you are asked YES or NO questions that range from political and social, to the utterly ridiculous things we overburden our minds with and seem to leave us in a state of bewilderment. After the question there is a blank for you to write your personal opinion.