Trout Fishing for Bodies

troutfishingTrout Fishing for Bodies
Bob Roosevelt Mysteries, Book Two
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“…the sheer uniqueness of this murder mystery had me hooked from the first page…” Sc30

Private Eye Bob Roosevelt wants to relax, forget about crime, and go trout fishing. His guardian angel tells him the only way he is going to relax is go barhopping for a few days and forget clean air, crystal clear water, and camping.

Always one to ignore good advice Roosevelt heads for the mountains of Colorado. But after setting camp what does he catch? Not a trout, not even a can of rocky mountain beer, but a naked women with a bullet hole through her head. Roosevelt’s guardian angel tells him to beat feet out of Colorado. Roosevelt, always one to think things in life happen for a reason, swears he will find the killer.

Crooked cops, cowboys who forgot the cowboy code, forest rangers that make Smokey the Bear ashamed, and even a few gangsters make Trout Fishing for Bodies a funny romp through modern life that will keep you grinning and wondering who done until then last page.