Frogs Don’t Croak in the Winter

frogsdontcroakFrogs Don’t Croak in the Winter
Bob Roosevelt Mysteries, Book Four
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“…he is the king of unusual and original metaphors…” Diana J. Febry

Roosevelt is brokenhearted after finding out the love of his life was really the love of many men’s lives. He, for no sane reason besides being brokenhearted, heads for Minnesota in the middle of the winter.

Pea Brain, his weird and lecherous guardian angel, tells Roosevelt even icicles want to get out of Minnesota in the winter and if he really wants to mend his broken heart he should go to a warm beach. Roosevelt wants to suffer and shiver.

What begins as a pointless journey into the frozen north turns into murder, stolen hearts, dead cats, a coven of witches who like whiskey, women who only want Roosevelt for his body, and a sad boy who unknowingly possesses the key to unraveling the whole mess.

Once again a humorous look at our ridiculous modern life that will have you chuckling and wondering who done it until the very end.