Double Bogey Murder

18106004Double Bogey Murder
Bob Roosevelt Mysteries, Book Three

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“…you think you know who the killer is…but, in the end it is still a surprise…”
Harrison Fulford

Roosevelt no longer wants to be a private eye. He has put in his off center brain he will move to Phoenix, Arizona, rent a condo with a pool, buy a closet full of non-matching outfits, and take up golf. Pea Brain, his snide and outspoken guardian angel, tells Roosevelt golf will only get him killed, or at the least terribly hurt, and he should go to a nude beach if he really wants a change in life.

Taking good advice has never been one of Roosevelt’s strong points and Phoenix it is. But what does Roosevelt find after hitting his very first tee shot behind a sand dune in the rough? No, not a lizard or a rattle snake, but a dead lady who did not die from sunbathing but from a rope around her neck.

Murder, crooked cops, gangsters who like umbrellas in their drinks, lousy golf, a robbery to beat all robberies, and a topless dancer even the devil would be afraid off make Double Bogey Murder a hilarious romp through modern life that will keep you laughing and wondering until the end.