A Bucket Full of Lies

bucketfullofliesBucket Full of Lies
Bob Roosevelt Mysteries, Book One
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“…this author effortlessly blends humor with mystery and suspense…”
James Chalk

Off the wall and off center Bob Roosevelt is not your normal private eye. An old hippie and Vietnam Vet he is on a quest to find the love of his life and his center, but all he ever finds is murder. To top it off he is burdened by a not so nice Guardian Angel, nicknamed Pea Brain, who really wants to be the guardian angel for a rock star because he finds Roosevelt boring.

After solving a murder in Florida, Roosevelt is on his way to Colorado trying to escape crime and find rest and relaxation. Craving chili Roosevelt stops at a greasy spoon in Des Moines, Iowa ignoring Pea Brain’s pleas to keep driving because a bowl of lousy chili could get him killed. Roosevelt runs into an old friend and finds himself neck deep in murder, kidnapping, gun smuggling, seductive women who only want him for his body, and cops as crooked as a road through the Ozarks.

A funny romp through the absurdity of our modern life, and a who-done-it you won’t figure out until the last page. Book 1 of 4.