Things have been moving along with the attempt to get VENT into independent bookstores. I have sent out and emailed press releases to 30 stores. About half have replied and nine have purchased books. Several offered consignment deals but I will not go that route – give us so much money and we will carry a few of your books. When bookstores can buy books at 50% off of cover and can return them if they do not sell I do not see what the gamble is for them. So far I placed books in Austin, Las Cruces, Albaquerque, Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Durango, Bisbee, and Tucson. I am about to send queries to Oregon and Washington. In a few weeks I will give the promotion a break and get back to editing the next attempt at the reading world.


Election is over – life still goes on – work and pay taxes, take a short vacation normally on credit and then work and pay taxes again. I have made posters and flyers for book stores and have several local art magazines interested in articles on VENT – submitted my new novel to reviewers and the Barnes and Noble Buyer. For the bandits out there putting the last touches on a writing book based on a course I taught years ago – WHEN WRITING FICTION I AM SORRY GRAMMER NAZI YOU ARE NOT ALWAY CORRECT – a not so conventional look at writing fiction. Snide and funny and will most likely get about 47 1 star reviews. Keep the faith folks – it is only life. Had a writer tell me he was depressed because he had not gotten rich from writing – funny – I have been writing for 47 years and neither work or writing has made me rich, but would have it no other way. Should or before writing in the last sentence be nor?