After many months, edits, more edits, Open Talon Press has released Vent in ebook form. In a month or so it will be released in trade paperback. Flyers are on the way to book stores, submissions to blogs, review copies to reviewers. I am going to take a few weeks away from writing and promotion and go trout fishing in eastern Montana. I have not been fishing in several years – deaths in the family, tragedies, writing, and the normal trying to make a living have filled my days. I decided no matter what this year was the year. Little Hole, Bitterroot, Middle Fork I cannot wait to wade in your waters.
If you wish to know more about Vent the link in books will take you to the Amazon page. There is also a link below. I should add I normally catch and release trout but one will be fried in bacon grease and washed down with a cold beer. The best to all.