photoI have spent my entire writing career, forty-nine years and counting, going against the grain of what most writers think is necessary or proper. Of the thirty novels I have written, sixteen, with hard work and luck, have been published by traditional presses, eight of these are still in print and three have been turned into e-books, two were optioned for several years but were not turned into movies because no one could raise the fifty million dollars even though I volunteered to kick in $134.97. I have also indied eight e-books, ranging from funny mysteries, literary, to an off the wall love story.

I am listed in Young Contemporary Authors and Who’s Who in the West. Several of my books have been released as audio books for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. At the moment I am working on a writing book based on a writing course I taught at a small college – the book goes against the majority of things that are taught (other professors hated my class while the students loved it) to my great amusement many of my students are published.

During my years as a writer I have worked for newspapers and several outdoor magazines. In my early years I placed hundreds of poems and short stories to literary magazines before turning my attention on novels. Take a look at my work…there is something for everyone.

The best to you and yours,
Robert K. Swisher Jr.


“…a writer of moving novels, sometimes you laugh, at times you cry…”
Book Jest

“…mysteries, contemporary, and some merely for fun…Swisher has an enjoyable book for everyone…” Lawrence Joy

“…rolling on the floor laughing…the twists are great…” Read More

“…the author uses his vivid imagination to portray his characters as more than living breathing people…” P.K. Luker

“…a magical yarn…a love story pervaded with quiet mysticism…”
Ginger Myrick

“…moving historical fiction…” Publishers Weekly